Why Study Law – Here Are 4 Reasons

You may be wondering ‘why should I study law?’. There are many reasons why you might choose to do so. We will explore several of them throughout this guide.

why study law
A guide on why you should study law

We will look at what you can do with a law degree as well as explore the different areas of law you can specialise in. For example, if you are wondering:

  • Why should I study international law?
  • Why should I study business law?
  • Why should I study criminal law?

This guide will help you understand the benefits of doing so. Additionally, we will explore how we can help with your study of law.

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  1. Why Study Law – What Can You Do With A Law Degree?
  2. Why Study International Law?
  3. Why Study Business Law?
  4. Why Study Criminal Law?
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Why Study Law- What Can You Do With A Law Degree?

There are several prospects involved with studying law. For example, you could start a career in the following roles:

  • Solicitor
  • Paralegal
  • Associate solicitor
  • Fee earner

If you are a recent law graduate, you may benefit from finding a training contract so you can complete your period of recognised training. This is usually a period of two years and allows you to gain supervised experience in practicing law. Additionally, you can refine your skills and develop the skills you will need.

Additionally, there are various areas of law you could go on to specialise in, such as personal injury law, data protection law, international law, business law and criminal law.

In addition to progressing into the legal profession, there are several transferrable skills that you could benefit from studying law. For example, problem-solving, analysis and the ability to work as a team and individually. These skills and qualities can make you desirable to many employers in both the legal and non-legal sectors.

If you are still concerned about whether you should study law and progress towards gaining a law degree, get in touch. We could help you understand the benefits of having a degree in law and the steps you could take as a new law graduate.

How Many People Work In The Law Industry?

According to the Office of National Statistics, between June- August 2022, there were 129,000 vacancies in the professional, scientific and technical activities sector which includes legal jobs.

This was a decrease from 134,000 vacancies that were available in the same sector between May- July 2022.

Why Study International Law?

International law describes a set of rules that govern the relations between different states. The rules cover a range of topics including war, human rights and diplomacy.

You may be wondering ‘why should I study law relating to international activities?’. There are various reasons. For example:

  • Studying international law allows you to develop an insight into the global legal system
  • You can learn to understand the influence international law has on a range of policies, both national and international
  • It can open up a wide range of opportunities due to developing specialist knowledge that is in high demand.

If you would like to learn more about why you should study law relating to international affairs, get in touch.

Why Study Business Law?

Business law is a set of rules that relates to the rights, relations and conduct of individuals and businesses. You may be interested in studying business law, but are unsure of the benefits of doing so. However, there are many reasons why you could study business law, such as:

  • You can develop an understanding of business management
  • Develop a set of professional skills that can help you thrive in various sectors

Studying law doesn’t necessarily mean you have to enter a legal profession. With business law, this is also the case. Instead, you could use the transferable skills to progress in a career of your choice. To learn more about why you should study law relating to business affairs, get in touch.

Why Study Criminal Law?

The body of law relating to crime and criminal activities is known as criminal law. It sets out rules for others to follow to reduce harmful and threatening behaviour that endangers property and the welfare of others.

Within criminal law, there are definitions of criminal offences and penalties involved with committing a criminal act.

If you choose to study criminal law, it will allow you to develop skills to help vulnerable people within the community improve their lives. This can include both those who have committed crimes and those who are victims of crime.

For more information on why you should study law, get in touch.

How We Can Help

We have aimed to provide you with several reasons why you should study law within our guide. However, we understand that you may require further information. If so, you can speak with one of our advisors. They can answer any questions you might have regarding the study of law, the skills you could gain and the legal roles you could progress to.

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Learn More About Why The Study Of Law Is Important

Below, we have provided some additional resources that you may find beneficial:

  • The Law Society – This is an independent professional body for solicitors who can provide guidance on career development. There are different law societies for different cities as well.
  • The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) – The CPS prosecutes criminal cases that have been investigated in England and Wales by the police. They have guidance on careers within the criminal justice system.
  • GOV – The government has provided helpful guidance on working as a qualified lawyer.

We hope this guide exploring why you should study law has helped. However, if you have any further questions, please get in touch.